“We follow that goat trail. La Mezta de las cordilleras

Timoteo drives Rick hooded down to the tunnel network rhe miners connected in ’34.

Ahora hay que tú aprendes los caballos. Espero que rodeas mejor que hablas español.

Rick y Timoteo stole the commanders’ horses. Those of the commanders of the Brigade Trains that they keep for leisurely Lynx hunts in the rear areas.

“We follow that goat trail. La Mezta de las cordilleras. There on the other ridge we find Nuestro Pastor. He and the others herders know every inch and every bird of these mountains. They know the color of your eyes, the size of your shoes. His dog knows your footfall on nights without moon. Between Los Pastores and the dogs, no Moro, no Regulare will pass unremarked.”

“We hide our messages in tree nocks w our vírgenes. Los Pastores know where to look when. Rock cairns are too dangerous. Too obvious

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