Savage Bamboo Wood: Pandas-On-Ice Parade


The Savage Bamboo Panda Mob is having a fine, rollicking good time. They strapped on bamboo shoots as field-expedient ice skates and are whaling on each other playing hockey in the backyard!

Abominable-Swine TIT is out there in sensible swine shoes as referee, happily taking bribes & bets from all sides

Every 20 minutes TIT, pandas & FRODO retire to the hot tub buried back in the Complicit Bamboo and refresh themselves with Prosecco & bite-size chipmunks.  Never seen FRODOs face quite so flushed

GATITO is at the window taking notes on his clipboard; tapping his pencil against his little bud of a nose and purring


in a pensive plotting manner.  Occasionally, he polydactily dials his burner-phone and calls up The Governor to provide counsel

The crows are silent today, but conspiring for sure and negotiating to whore themselves out to anyone in need of a mercenary air reconnaissance & misinformation flight crew

The bats slept in this morning, but assure me, via the GATITO conduit, that they are keeping a radar-eye on the Savage Bamboo murder of crows

Ma, please ask SOPHIE-Dog to be on Standby. The Governor & GATITO have recognized her as the intellectual bright light in the fambly.  GATITO claims he has uses,  –even for The Cur that Sophie is– for her cognitive & problem-solving abilities.  BIRDY-Dog is too cat-like for GATITOs taste and he reckons her more of a pretender to his throne.


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