Humberto said

“Ohhhh eeeeeeeez gonnna cost you lots o money
Pandas resented Humberto peeking in, photographs, measuring, taking notes.

Lots of scribbling sounds coming from inside the bamboo. Panda war plans being drawn up.

“Have you sent an emissary?”

Gatito — would co-opt Pandas & their clipboards to plan his next pandemic
Frodo — a little naive for this operation, always assumes the best of barnyard animals
Stevie Ray Z — he’s been around the block a couple times, he is of Japanese descent w Yakuza ties
Tit — utterly unpredictable untrustworthy libertine swine yearning for his glory swashbuckling days, a too-free radical, he could go any number of ways

“Bargain by offering to put that hot tub back there … but then you know what’ll happen, the Japanese Monkeys will show up and ally w the Pandas … maybe it’ll bring the Chinese & Japanese closer together … but no Russians, not a single Russian bear, bear v bear, unsavory. A Sino-Nippo-Cracker War”

Tit’s a libertine. He could be wily & shrewd. He could be bought.

“Yeah, what if the Pandas ply him w Bamboo Wine and he starts chasing girl-Panda skirt-tails? Tit could revert to his Swashbuckling Ways.”

More crow activity today than we’ve seen in a month

“Are they one-eyed?

I dunno I could only see their lower feathers and was mostly scared of getting pooped on.
Rumors that the Panda Mafia sent the Carrion Crow Crew to Ravenistan for surveillance training last month.

“It’s their forward outpost.

“Cardinals & Bluejays are independent, they’re not bound by borders

E reckons there’re free-range chickens running all about all-not-headless inside the bamboo perimeter.

Wind-removal of Yoga Belly 7 initiated a new level of war, the chemical element.

“But notice the sky is clear of crows now!
We own the skies!”

We have achieved Foul-Air Superiority

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