Deathwish? Don’t get me started

death wish? the
death-will, the
death-want, the
deep-sea fishing, the

[ the dishes to wash ] 

death march, the
death watch, them
devouge springs, there
the dolphin swings, the
death knell sings, the
dish, the

[ we have counted our blue cars ]

then, grey

depth charging, the

depleted round, the
breath the breathe
the dearth of sound, the

the dog before death before dishonor, the

[ there is the dry-cleaning ]
daughter and her diesel breath
[ el desafinado ]
dog, the
save, the pound
[ the dog a-bark ]
the die cast, them
children walking, the 
o-gauge, them
they eat the last
[ el desarollo ]
the desert want, the
desert swerve, the 
decline the stairs
the less nerve the
selling of one’s wares
[ el desierto ]
the drilling the rock, there
is the sink of tires, the
ratio wrong, the
clotted drain, the 
emptied vein, the 
“get there the Drano”, the
“drink, motherfucker, drink”
the dolphin sink, the
kitchen sink, the 
cabinets are dusty, there
are the forgotten dead
[ the shower head ]
the hinges rusty, the 
something lusty, the 
brain gone dusty, the 
way to death is dusty
her shopping cart is so so very full, full of redbull,  there 
are the grateful dead, there

[ there is the scratch of the head ]
The escarpment exists
[ the jet-fuel stench ] 
the precipitous
[ the traffic cone ]
it is real, and 
[ the dog bone ]
under the shelling, there can be the felling
[ there are those headaches ]
dust, the 
brakes, the 
brake-dust, the 
lust, the
dirge, the
kill, the
dolphin dealing cards with the dog, that
dolphin swinging its splintered wooden bat
[ el despierto ]
the deluge, the
drown in the dry air, there is the 
loft left without, 
see, that
dry riverbed of doubt
doubt before the dust, the 
dust before the storm, the
doubt-cloud, the
dust-storm, the 
dust-cloud, the
escarpment a-wing, the
towers of salt, the 
them bear down, there
is the dog counting his cars
[ here is no water but only rock ] 
what was it the thunder said?
the wood desk, the
oil lamp

it’s summer lets go to camp. ] 
there is water to be had, there
are places to be bad, and
dogs once mad then be sad
[ the head, the scratch ] 
look thee down the dead valley
listen for the bees, feel
for their stings
theirs, the
slender trees, and
you, your similar stunted sudden death
[ human voices woke us and we drowned ]

* ts eliot

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