Rick & Timoteo part ways, comments, questions.

Rick and Timoteo bivouac on the ridge overlooking the Barcelona Aeropostale airfield. Artillery in the distance. Barcelona is falling.  They watch the shells cream the city. 

Off in the distance, the long line of refugees heading north to the Pyrenees pass into France and its concentration camps. This long line of refugees would like like that from Málaga to Almería in which Barsky conveyed fugees, just desperate n disheartened.

The next morning, Zup lands from Gibraltar, goes for coffee. Rick awaits him in the break-room, The Dog laying next to him. Zup, surprised. R/Z/The Dog lift off, dog laying among the mail sacks. R, Z upfront.

As they take off, Timoteo begins his trek into the Pyrenees to begin his trip through Basque safehouses to a sympathetic French village in the Pyrenees foothills.

Before turning north, Zup flies up the ridgeline that Timoteo is ascending, tips a wing. Dog looks out window, too, at Timoteo. Timoteo dismissive hand-wave. Zup veers sharply due North, over that same, still going, long line of fugees.  Just dog ears silhouette.

Should we write Timoteo dialogue as broken Spanglish?

Rick may not understand all that since he is more or less a man WITHOUT a country. So now I am leaning toward leaving it the way you have it.  Does Rick understand? Wouldn’t wish expatriation on another?

AND/OR, THIS WIZ/OZ REFERENCE VERSION (published 1909 so timing is ok, concern is not sounding like Rick)
Rick, it’s time for you to go home.
Not even clicking my heels three times.
Inside joke. Nevermind.
  1. How much language barrier? How broken is the Spanglish.
  2. Does Rick try Spanish?
  3. Does he know it?
  4. Do R/T operate almost wordlessly?
  5. What if R/T do not choose or agree to fight together? What if there’s a constant strain of blame for Zumaya’s death, and constant wonder when T will exact & kill R or leave him unaided to die?
  6. Is there a circumstance in which they have to stick together despite hating/fearing each other? How can we create a dependence?

“It’s time for you to  go home.

“There is no home

“Don’t be dramatic, maricon.

Disregards comment only look in eyes betrays

“That’s the first real stupid you’ve said to me. The stupid even comes thru your barfight English

“Your home is as dead to you as my sister is to me.

“You know as well as I do that you have overstayed your welcome in Spain….

“And your Spain is past its prime

“Perhaps for this century

“And you’re a dead man here

“Yes, for some time now

“Zup lands at the Barcelona airfield every Tuesday

“Ricky, when we first met, you said ‘I’m not here to save Spain from itself.’ Well, I am Spain.”


“Ricky, you can’t save me now, any more than you or anyone else can save Spain…”


“I am Spain”.

“Hijo de puta, talk about drama …

…cuz that kind of also explains why he can’t go with Rick. He has no more family in Spain, true, but it is STILL his country,

“My country. See this. Its blood is my blood.


“My sister’s blood is here how can I leave? Perhaps I cannot live here, but nor can I do so elsewhere … nor can I die elsewhere.


“and it is fated, that I must die here. Ask the stupid gypsy boy.

“Zup’s graduated to a big-boy plane. There’s room for you, me, Zup and the damn dog.

“Afraid not, my generous friend.



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