Figgerin Erica

You got no business entering the heart of darkness
You got all you can do settling your own accounts
You got to be good to yourself
You got to let yourself heal
You got to be kind to yourself, there’ll be plenty o time for you to do good
You got but one job, 
And that is to find your heart of lightness
And share that and only that with your daughter
Plenty o time for you to put clothes on others, 
to put food in their bellies
You got plenty o time
You got so much time 
You got all the time you would ever want
So go easy on yourself
Be gentle
Got no need to rush into things
You’re young and beautiful
And I don’t know what you told me is true and what is false
I can only ever know what I see from here on out
And this ain’t said in anger
This is said in love, love for you
Love for you and the beauty you got inside and out
And whether you put your hands on it 
Or whether you don’t
But knowing what you take forward or what you leave behind
And today I went christmas shopping and I swear I saw barbie dolls and more toys you could shake a stick at
And in this picture show I’m watching young boys are burying old friends
And your young daughter is gonna learn about boys and lies
And sweetness, she’s gonna come of age in a country different than her Mama,
You’re gonna have to learn about this new place so you can translate it for her,
So she can translate it for you 
Cos she’s gonna need everything you’ve got to give her
And that’s gonna be every breath you got
So, you got none to spare
Til your heart o lightness lifts that little girl o your’n

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