Ma At The Apple Store

Just wanted to check back in with you, to see if you’re interested in moving me forward onto the 3rd interview.
And, now for something completely different:
My mother is a total Mac Evangelist. She recently retired from a rather executive position at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. While there she created an internal startup — an international health program that brought in million$ and became JHMI’s largest profit center. She also managed the marketing department in Fells Point, with a water view, in which she supervised a number of talented youngster graphic artists, all on Macs She knows how to talk to artists and to beancounters. She’s impatient to begin working with iCloud.
This past weekend we had a family history and downsizing conference, all sibs including Jon & Kathi from London. Around the kitchen table were my 2005 Powerbook, Brettster’s Mac Air, Markee’s 17″ Macbook, Ma’s 15″ Macbook, 3 LaCie drives and about 5 iPhones. At his atelier office in Leesburg, Brettster runs his Verizon consulting business all on Macs. In Brooklyn, Mark runs his Digital Asset Management company, all on Macs. His 5 and 7 year old sons play the M-Audio piano I sent them.
For years I’ve been ribbing Ma about sending her resume into Apple. I’m relentless. During the weekend-long conference, I did it again. She’s such a good communicator, believes in the products, goes to enough One-to-One sessions that she knows half the staff, including Pacific Northwest John.
I’ll tell you for nothing that Ma has a more unique offering to your store than do I. We joke in the family about “speaking Geezer.” Recently retired friends tell her of being unable to keep up with the gifted ultra-fast-CPU, over-clocked staff in the store.
She’s been helping a little with her church. I was appalled: “Church Lady? … Ma, pearls before swine, and they’ll suck the life out of you … work with young, bright, fun people … submit your resume.”
Justin Giron