Indian Scouting Party

    Indian scouting party vic Mullineaux w noble braves
     Brave-Hunter(Jack) & She-Who-Sleeps-Above (Olivia)
        cracks and lines in the tarmac are where snakes have traveled
            “what happens when the crack ends in the middle of the
             street?” –Jack
                << that's where he went straight underground  . . .
                 all the way to China >>
        Olivia said she could tell me only when at their house, but
         she did tell Jack and he told me
                    ” Yes, like bunk bed “
                        << Ahh.  Now if you were to sleep in a bunk
                         bed, would you sleep on bottom or top ? >>
                            ” On the top”
                                << Then your name shall be
                                 “She-Who-Sleeps-Above >>
                                    ” Umm, no, Bunk. “
                                        << For the rest of your
                                         natural life, I shall call you
    ” I’ll have a middle name “– Olivia
            ” Oh  . . .  “
                    ” What is a tribe name >>
                        << Like "Sioux", "Hopi", "Arapaho"
                    ” Our name is  “The Hollow Tribe “—Jack
                            “Thank you “
                                << As in:  the hollow is not hollow,
                                 it is rather filled with the souls of
                                 our revered ancestor warriors >>
    we sat under Coco’s tree, to rest Olivia’s weary feet  . . .  i
     found a stick and my Leatherman and started whittling an arrow
    << Have they started to teach you how to wrestle bears in school
     yet ? >>
        ” No”
            Pointing to tattoo, <>
                    << You get a new line each time you wrestle a bear
                        ” My substitute teacher wrestled a bear “”
                                ” On a mountain top “
                Olivia growled
                    << See that's a loud growl, you'll scare a bear
                     with that >>
    “What are these arrows painted on the street?”
        ” What does that one mean ? “
            That tells the snakes they can go either direction
            << That one without the arrows and in an S-shape tells
             them they can lay their safely, in the sun, to get a good
             tan >>
            << Now it is important Brave-Hunter to know that sometimes
             we all come across signs that we don’t know, that we
             haven’t seen yet.  At times like those, one must figure
             out the meaning.  We might see such signs today >>
            We came across such a sign, two parallel arrows with a dot
             inside, all blue
                ” What does that one mean Uncle Jay ? “
                    << That is one I've not seen in my hunting
                     Brave-Hunter  . . .  what can it mean to you ? >>
                    ” Umm  . . .  it means that two snakes can go
                     there, with one snake standing on his head in
                     between them and the other two snakes help hold
                     him up “
    we found a corn garden
    With Brave Warrior Brett, Bear-Sleeps-Too-Much or
     “Big-Chief-Winter-Bear we searched for a path through the teepees
     that would get us back sooner  . . .  much pain & remonstrance
     from She-Who-Sleeps-Above for her sore feet
        ” Ah, interesting path, with no apparent way out “
    i spotted a feather while searching for path through wood back way
     to Boones
        on the way back to Boones w Brett w us by the pines on the
         west side, i spotted yet another, bigger, black feather and
         scooped it up
        << i'll carry the feathers until we get back to the teepee,
         where the medicine man will bless them, as a gift from the
         arrow gods >>
        ” mmmm, no “
            << he tracked us  . . .  he used his tracking skills to
             find us  . . .  remember, we didn’t tell him where we were
             going ? >>
    ” Uncle Jay, are you making this up ? “
            ” I think so “
                << that hurts my feelings  . . .  i think i'll cry now
                    ” They love it when they make a grown-up cry “–
    ” You know how a bird needs feathers to fly, an arrow needs
     feathers too “– Jack