One’s torrid affair

Yes, torrid affairs, like the military, are better to have had, and to have done. 
Forever remembered, tasted, told , re-told, withheld. 
They lack a redeeming symmetry, a cooling balance, the rest of even. 
They are eyes upon the wrong body. 
They are eyes casting about wildly. 
They are those upon false seas 
Dead by drains of oil beneath their mechanisms, starving
Their eyes false eddies of oxygen. 
They deny their children regard, leadership, a silent gaze upon their play. 
They deny one the other the mutual stares of black dogs of no fear; the steady gaze, the hold of the eyes, the not look down, the tilt not
Yes they are other. 
Yes they are instructive. 
Yes they are lessonary and leave the lines of their acceptance. 
All is well.
Go your way, carry this knowledge with you and into your loves. 
Should the recognition of this in one you love save that life, so much the better. 
Should the tools gained assuage the strain of one you love, of especially your child, so much the more better.

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