You did her proud, Jay (ma)

Ally…an old soul, a proud and strong spirit, a loving mess of dogdom, a sweet and peppery temperament, a faithful and protective friend, a goofy and silly playmate, a noble beauty.

I’d like to think I knew all that about her when I picked her out of that squirming litter of pupplies but…no, I didn’t.  All I saw was  chubby clumsy puppy full of curiosity and independence.  But there was something about her even then…

I will never forget carrying her out to the car and putting her in your arms–your face was classic as it went from “awww…a lab puppy to ohmigod she’s my puppy and what do I do now?!)  What a moment.  What a start for the most beautiful man and his dog relationship I have ever been privileged to see or know about.

You did her proud, Jay.