We could never be friends

Nonetheless, I can tell you fer nothing that you are interesting like me, and you deserve … something. I can do so in a very bourgeois, kind way. Let’s get to steppin’ …

Upon reread of your cautionary tale, I was all wrong. I would never have guessed you into horses & kitties, reggae in the summer w a corona (you no summer girl). If you look at my profile, you’ll see me about horses, which I kid about but will hang about.

You would find yourself wanting to be kind generous and affectionate with me, ( in this case you should picture an other). You’d struggle with that, alternating between kindness and contempt. It would have nothing to do with me.

I would drink and make out with you. You’d find my moods take no toxins. It’s 555 am. I’m not even drinking. I feel fine.

I’ll hope the gods of love and geography dance grind-y and suck-face one debauched cigarette night, smile upon you like the woman wrote “Horses,” and leave worry on your sheets for another while you sleep one time. I’ll hope you find such a person. Really. I’ve come to be a mis-placed priest around here casting pearls before swine, I see things. I know souls in brown boxes when i see them, and yours needn’t be there.

If you’ve read to this irksome point, consider yourself prayed-for. Go now ask Mr Eliot about his cats. Put one upon a horse. Place his muzzle to your forehead, find yerself a witty bearded black man, prepare for death into another life.

I say this with all kindness. Now, go back to sleep.


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17% Enemy
67% Friend

Jul 4, 2012 – 9:12am

Thank you for this. You are right about me…