Rick & FBI guy on the loading dock at Connie’s Bar

Rick & FBI guy on the loading dock at Connie’s Bar
“Mickey, I hear you’ve started your own business.  A mutual friend says you’re fishing for customers.
“Go on.
“It’s bad business, my mick friend.
“You’re boring me more than usual.  Get to your point.
“Shaking down one of Connie’s customers usually ends on a dirt road.
“Rick, look, Prohibition is over. The big money’s gone.   Dog eat dog from here on out.  Diversify your holdings.  Besides, this marlin’s got a lot of play left in ‘im.


“I’m no sportsman.  Catch & release only.
“Look, pal.  You come in, I’ll tell you how.  Take my word for it.
“I don’t feel lucky on Mondays.
“Rick, don’t be a sap.  Connie fucks everybody.
“I’ll take sloppy seconds for now.
“You’ll be begging for thirds.  I can bring you in on this. Or I can bring you downtown for something else.
“Upping the ante.
“Playing for keeps is all.
“With the big kids, Mickey.  Your gin-blossom boss and Connie find out, you’re dead on that dirt road.
“I’ll handle them.
“Mickey, lay off the kid.
“Go fuck yourself.
(Mickey walks back into the bar.  Rick lights up another cigarette.  Stands there thinking, looking iconic :0)

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