ZUMAYA killed in air raid, v0

RICK and ZUMAYA have plans to meet in Madrid (insert name of real bar or cafe here).   RICK is running late.  As he walks briskly toward the front of the cafe, he can see ZUMAYA, already seated at one of the outdoor cafe tables.  She is reading a newspaper, with a scarf around her neck, hanging loosely.  She looks serene and very engrossed in the newspaper.  RICK smiles as he approaches.

The air raid siren begins to sound.  ZUMAYA looks up, surprised, worried.  She stands and sees RICK. She waves and starts to move toward him.  RICK is sprinting now, to reach her, shouting at her to get down.  The bomb hits the building— detonates, glass, bricks, and wood and dust fly everywhere.  RICK blown back by the shock wave, rises, bleeding from a head lac, ears ringing, staggers toward the cafe where ZUMAYA was just standing.

He sees her scarf lying in the rubble.

He runs closer, sees her legs protruding from a pile of debris, heavy pieces of building.  The interior of the cafe on fire.

RICK collapses to the ground.  Sirens wail all around, people start running, arriving to help….

Scene fades to black….

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