CEO RICK gives convoy orders to FERRARI’s niece in Sevilla

CEO RICK gives convoy orders to FERRARI’s niece in Sevilla
(ZUP flew RICK to Madrid to deal w OZQUIERDA. RICK took the long way back to Oran to recon the convoy route for weapons from Sevilla to Madrid and interview Ferrari’s niece IXABEL in Sevilla as convoy commander.)
Ixabel, my handsome, deep-fried Italian Air Force captain will arrive Sevilla on or around 30 July. He will be red-eyed, smell like a chicken-coop and suffer the DTs.
No, but as an officer & a gentleman he won’t arrive empty-handed.
He’s got forty truckloads. You’ll have a draw on your uncle’s Paris bank to have them in place.
You trust my uncle?
Not as far as I could throw that fat bastard.
You’re not so foolish are you?

Silly me, look, I didn’t even dress for the audition.

Here’s what you’re going to do. Make sure the HarborMaster’s office is lubricated. Skipper Tamburini will expect to be welcomed as some sub rosa royal. Seduce the stevedores’ union chief.    Supervise the offload.  Get the goods & especially The Good Skipper the fuck outta dodge. He’ll think he’s in charge.  You’re running the show until you link up with me north of Madrid.  I pay you and your trucks the remainder. Your soldados go back to picking oranges in Sevilla. Fast.

Dreamy. Positively dreamy. We’ll always have Sevilla, won’t we?

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