Nickee is a high-drive, strong prey drive Rescue Black Labrador Retriever, estimated at 2 years of age.  I adopted her April 2011.  Pictures here …  pictures taken over the past year.  Summary below.

She’s been a big fan of the dogpark, but this dog will hunt, and this dog needs to have a job.  Here’s video of her wrassling at the dogpark

I’m in contact with  Lab Rescue LRCP from whom I adopted Nickee.  I’m contractually required to return her to them.  I will inform them that I will not foster.

Nickee must be set up for success.  There’s some unpredictability.  She’s not built for the suburbs.  She should live where she would encounter few strangers and fewer surprises.  I’ll field any questions that arise with utmost integrity and concern for Nickee’s welfare and that of prospective adopters.


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