What happens when you grow up in Texas

Kim chased us out of the kitchen,
Out into the yard under the sycamore tree,
Roots were old grey-brown bones,
Old black dog she had
Got louisville sluggered
Beer-y old bastard unjigged his nigger jaw,
Set to cooking right away.

My brother grinds his teeth at night

I like to eat Eskimo pies, but,

I came home from school one day,
Ma had a towel in her hand,
I had shit in my pants,
She said go upstairs,
I heard her light a cigarette.

My father used to work and work and work,
Looked at his Pinto, then at me,
Cadillac picture up over the kitchen table.

I watched him all day Saturdays,
Back in our bean bags he’d open his mouth,
(I could see his blue eyes, his red skin),
To say something,
Look back at the TV,
Touch his cold beer to his sweaty weekend beard.

Ma and Pa went to Arkansas,
They liked the hot springs there,
Dad drove the Pinto out of our yard,
Ma drove the brown Grand Safari,
For the shop on the way out,
“Don’t bother your grandmother, now.”
My friend on his bicycle,
Says one went right, one went left.