“Never trust the Indig“ (The Highlander)

In Korea there was Ajima and her Slickee Boys.

Ajima was a  jerk-dried cuttlefish of a old woman. Ajima boiled up ramen. Slapped a flap of velveeta on top.   Sold it for 5 bucks.

While you were buying n slurping it down scaldingly, her grandsons were bolting like mongeese through your AA stealing every spare tire, Kevlar helmet, pair of boots, pioneer tools, breaker bar, box of Oreos, box of flares, MREs, goretex jacket, carton of Marlboros, ammo can, and armored-vehicle transmission final-drive they tripped over.


There are always entrees into Army Assembly Areas (AA) also known as Combat Trains (CT) where non-infantry soldiers like medics, mechanics, truckdrivers, supply sergeants, radio rigs, radio trucks.

There’s always a civilian with something to sell and a hungry, cold, thirsty, horny soldier with money to burn or Army stuff to sell back.

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