comments from jmd markee

To Whom It May Concern:
… I have observed him with Haley for all of her 15 years.  He’s a dedicated and thoughtful father.  I hope the court will consider my brief note in the hoped-for resolving of the current court action brought against Justin by his former wife Amy Crawford.
Justin is an out-of-town father because his work involves national security and is located in the Washington, DC area. Despite the fact that he cannot be with her as much as he would if he lived in Chicago, he has continuously maintained a close relationship with Haley.

Ever since my wife and I visited Justin and Amy in Williamsburg, Virginia upon Haley’s birth, it’s been clear that Haley has her father’s heart.

Over the years Justin & Haley’s relationship has always appeared to be happy and natural.  Haley has been present at all major family events and holidays.  During no visit have I ever heard Justin speak ill of Amy to Haley. 

My wife and I have 1 daughter and 2 sons.  Justin has worked hard to make possible the development of close relationships with each of them, …, … and ….  In 2008, Justin and Haley took the boys on the Megabus between NYC and Baltimore at Christmas, complete with car seats and toys.  Haley has visited the boys at their school in …, New York.  From time to time the boys ask when they’ll next see Haley.

In 2007, Justin supported Haley going to Hong Kong, and expressed his thought that she ought to stay there long enough to complete her International Baccalaureate (IB) and get a grounding in Mandarin.

This last New Year’s Eve holiday Justin, Haley and her friend … had planned to stay with us in Brooklyn, watch the fireworks from our apartment and tour the city.

I hope my note here is well-received by the court and its officers

Most sincerely