Keep your wife the fuck out of my lane


We’ve been playing phonetag.  Prolly just as well.  I think this could use the personal touch, anyway.  Hell, I was surprised to see you replied — in the eyes of at least a few people I know, your reputation suffers on that count.

I reckon you’ll say that there’s unfairness in my letter to you — maybe even that I hurt your feelings.  I will be bummed if you feel that way, since it suggests to me that you didn’t really put yourself in my shoes and reach the point of empathy I would liked to have seen.

Since the work week starts tomorrow, I’d like to say again, for I want to be really clear on this:
Keep your wife out of my business.


From: justin giron
To: brett davis
Sent: Mon, January 10, 2011 6:58:12 PM
Subject: Bro’s … ‘Ho’s


I’ve taken the past 2 weeks to reflect on things with Haley over Christmas.  Put yourself in my position.  How would you feel?  Go ahead, brother, take your time, think it through. 

Haley said “Boo!”  Amy said  “Jump.”   Lori said “Call your brother.”  You said “How high, sir?” 

Lori’s always been tight with Amy.  I’ve wondered these 15 years how that might manifest, where you might jump.  Brother, you let your wife stray way out of line and into my lane of traffic.

I have a plan.  I have very little time.  My daughter is in that space between integrity and manipulation, civility and volatility.  Her parents are right in that space between marriage and divorce.  She’s lost 20 pounds.  Think Kayleigh at fifteen.
Now let’s have a quiz:  Do you know the phrase “produce the child?”  Do you know about me, Ma, Pete, Grandpa in that Chicago courtroom?  Do you know visitation orders, contempt of court, threats of jail?  Are there other things you don’t know?  Wiki “Parental Alienation Illinois,” then keep your wife out of my parenting.
Take your time, brother.  Think it through.  Don’t let this ever happen again.
Your big brother