welcome to a weekend in Bat Country:

— so yesterday, Saturday, I awoke in a grog after working late-ish Friday night, then staying up too late watching boxing.

Saturday a.m. i went to the gym for 0830 spin class then core class —

dont get the wrong impression, look right and see MyDetails.BodyType.

— speaking of which, i stopped in to Sbux to meet a potential renter, then hucklebucked over to my parents’ house

There lay a steaming mound of fresh mulch that awaited moving.

Rain-sun-rain-sun, heave-ho, heave-ho, rake-rake, rake-rake. We ran short about 400 lbs and ran out to Kendall’s for more mulch which we slopped into the back of my Element, talking about McCallan and women.

Ma cooked up grub. I ate and ran, off to UA to see The Lincoln Lawyer. Afterwards, pretending to be Matthew McConaghey, i stopped in at Victoria and got a slug of McCallan.

— Stopped at the

7-11 and got a 10# bag o ice. Got home, brought in some lumber from The Element and put said ice on a something that hurt.

So now it’s Sunday.

0752 wakeup for a 0800 appointment — The Speed Channel will be showing The Spanish Gran Prix motorcycle race. The race is in Jerez Spain, in the rain, near the plain and my favorite rider misunderestimates the terrain.

— Note to self :: make arrangements with that acupuncturist;

— Off to Ma’s cuz she and I are going to Towson to get interviewed by some dogs at a Lab Rescue adoption day at Petsmart.

On the way on the phone to the adoption coordinator, she says

“One of your references said you kept your dog off-lead …

and something about a dog, a frozen lake and the front


“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … had to be Gretchen … I’m gonna have trouble not having an attitude”

“Eh, treat it like you’re at work.”


get to Petsmart. It’s a meat market. Ginger, the adoption coord says

“It’s like speed-dating for dogs … mine have blue or pink bandanas”

Yellow Lab …

“She interviews well.”

Blind Buddy.

Every other ACL got white tape on it.

“She was a stray”

“Foreclosed house … owners left her in there.”

Black Lab with beautiful paws, jaw and Popeye forearms.

“She’s got considerable dog in her”

says Ma of Nickee, an untutored black lab found as a stray.

“Her conformation’s nearly perfect.”

[ Werewolves/London “He was drinking a pina colada at Trader Vics, His hair was perfect.” ]

Some asparagus eggwhite abomination at Einstein’s Bagels. We stopped in at BMW o Towson. I leered at the 1-Series Convertibles .

“White? Why would you want white?”

We climbed back into my Element. Going back out to the beltway, I see a large building with a nearly as-large solar panel array:

“Look, there’s a large solar array”

“Gotta keep those perps comfortable”

“No, Ma, that’s for the green electric chair”

— Back @ Boones. Family Guy. Cocker Spaniel, ‘Roo, sawing some Zs. Stepdad off tutoring. I’m liking


as a replacement name for Nickee. Ma comes up with

“Gas Cap.”

I like that, too. Stepdad back, says

“Four On The Floor.”

This reminds me, and I find online, the tagline from the car dealer in Dallas in 70s, always signed off with:
“Aint that right, Widetrack?”Widetrack apparently thought so, cuz every single time he’d burp up a Great Dane hambone of a bark.

Ribeye steak. I eat and run, having five-fingered the Sony videocamera so i can digitize my old dog. Made my every-Sunday-night call to my still-not-talking-to-me daughter, left a msg, Dragnet just finished.
Now it’s time for Gunsmoke. So now i’m getting ready for the week. Considerable thunder n lightning.
Still thinking about Nickee.