Happy new year, little girl

I dropped them off at REI.  I went to Borders and got a bottle of water
an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate chip cookie — both stale.
I came back to her crying in REI.   She, PorcelainDoll and I went and sat in the car.

Daisy said to me and PorcelainDoll
  — “It’s a lot to take in.”

I listened to Daisy.  She referred to the information that you shared with her prior to her trip here.  According to Daisy this included items like
  “how would you feel … the $1800 you stole from us” and
  “this is the longest time since he’s screwed me over” and
 “we haven’t used his insurance to make it easier for him”
  “we got the parasite test done for you … but you said the results were not important”
  “you’re passive aggressive”

“I don’t know how to represent myself without seeming disrespectful to your mother.”
   “Dr Strangelove has never returned a call or email”
   “Until September, for hospital authorization, I had never been consulted prior to medical decisions.”
 … and I echoed to her the same things I’ve sent you about float and insurance reimbursements, maxing my FSA, etc

I invited PorcelainDoll to share her thoughts.  She chose not.  I answered Daisy’s questions as evenly as I could, without badmouthing you.

I shared with her my perspective on insurance and other matters.
I told her about my view on decisions, responsibility and accountability.
I told her that I didn’t reply to you between Monday and Thursday
  “because there was no emergency, I was enjoying my mini-vacation and I didn’t want to. We’re not married, so actually I don’t have to.”

Hearing all this in less than one week must be a lot to take in.

I told Daisy “this is a lot to take in.”

I also said to her
  “I’d hate for you to lose the trip you’ve planned for so long because of issues between your parents.  I have an idea, if you’d like to hear it”

— “Sure”

“Maybe you should go to New York without me.  You handled yourself in Hong Kong when you were younger.  You could stay with your favorite Aunt — Daisy laughed — and maybe get some perspective on everything you’ve heard.  I’ll do what I can to make that possible.”

After our REI-in-the-car conversation, we went back to my house.  She and Eli played cards with her Droid phone playing music.  I watched “Ed Wood” and polished shoes.

“Would you like me to oil your new boots?”

— “Sure”

She texted me while I was at yoga
— “We’re ordering Mexican, what do you want?”
“Chicken taco salad”

At the table I said
“I’m glad that you two are friends.  You make a good team.”  They smiled at each other.
To PorcelainDoll I said
“I know it must be hard to be here in some intense family stuff.  I’m glad you came and that your parents put their confidence in you coming.  Just sorry it didn’t work out.

— “Dad what do want me to do with the shoeboxes”
“Oh, just leave them upstairs.”
Ex_A_Go_Gone, all is out of my hands.  Lori picked them up last night.  I ask that you consider the possible benefits to Daisy of having a small vacation from both of her families.