Bad day at black dog park

Man, I didn’t even have to think about being an asshole this time … just came all natural, effortless even
just left work.  been there, today, sunday, from 0930 til 1730.
so i go home, i get Nickee, we bound into the car, trying to get to the dogpark while the sun’s still shining after all the rain this weekend.
we get there, many happy dogs playing.
i get there “may i?” sit on the bench to 2 dikey looking girls, one with babyblue-painted nails, the other with babygreen-painted nails

while i sit there texting Sam, fugly frumpy woman looks like the queen in alice wonderland says “oh, black dog pooping …”
i looked over, saw it was Nickee.  noted the loc.  i resumed my text.
“whose dog is that?”
“is that your dog?”

“are you going to pick it up?” remember now, there’s about 7 wierdass dog people at various angles around and on the bench

i finished my text … got up, got a shitbag, headed over …  another frumpy gringa standing vicinity the offending dookey.  points at the ground with a firm finger,
“here it is”

the guy w the 3 greyhounds arrives
Nickee runs with the greyhounds, comes back to the bench, she’s holding her left leg up gone lame … i figure she mustv pulled a muscle. all day in the crate, then greyhounds
i rubbed that rear left haunch for a while and she let me
then the rain comes, some real dark clouds and a little thunder
us hangers-on gather under a tree … there’s only a little lightning … fuck it, just get it over with
it’s only me, the deaf redneck and hair-thinning “i’m wearin’ boots” boy and a pasty girl in a blue raincoat
“liquid sunshine” says bootboy
says i, leaned back against the tree in one of the plastic green chairs that nobody steals
deafboydually stutters out
“tried to get my buddy to go fishing yesterday … he said ‘no it’s raining'”
bootboy “well thats the best time isnt it?”
duallydeafboy “but i dont trust the water at night”
next thing i know, duallydeafboy’s dog and Nickee get a little too riled, sounds aggressive … i just jumped up with the chair in my right hand like i was in a barfight … the dogs broke it up theyselves.  i set the chair down
“you don’t need to raise a chair”
i’m sure i gave him some dismissive shrug
“don’t raise a chair again … against my dog”
in a wearisome shutthefuckup you faggetyassmotherfucker tone
“don’t raise a chair again … against my dog … other day you said they’s just playin'”
he kept on about it
“well still you dont …” and it looks like him and his swoll belly want to try something
turning my back to him
bootboy :: “well the important thing is nobody got hurt”
“well still you dont …”
i turned back around … i gave the universal throat-cut signal, said

… some standing around …
duallydeafisherman “let’s go.”
i rubbed Nickee’s haunch some more

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