BarnesNoble w oct2013 Kathi Oxfam

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BarnesNoble w oct2013 Kathi Oxfam
Michelle Pelescak
ARC 250 vols for forest fires
SAR, dog, K9K Bill
ARC, more local, keep day job, keep rhythm, keep gym
small incr changes, planning money, house,
live trailer, how to prep?
how to do so & keep me stability
  5year plan present to me bank manager.
what r my planning decision-points?
    mebbe start evaluating them in January
write my protégés a blog entry re my own getting mentored by Kathi
maybe time to start laying groundwork for breaking the ties w the ‘rents
trade houses w MarkAnnie brainstorm
do my IPB ie for life w Oxfam
UNOPS move to The Hague,
move from East Coast, cost o living double anywhere else.

how ro make my house more attractive hangout place fer Ma Pete snobbery, I weary of always going to Boones, I’m the one that’s working for fuck’s sake.
“what will it take to make the house more comfortable for you to hang out in? to watch TV in, to get past the bachelor pad unease?
clear coffee table, set up office, upstairs, clear DR table
  record, look at, visit receipts,   
  categorize to get same effect I get from weigh-in at gym
    relook Frisco expenses, sure not getting ROI on it especially if I’m staying at MW3 for some amount of time,
use this budget visibility to inform any Oxfam considerations.
time better spent than Frisco, doing PMP, java
work @ Apple, Oxfam
why take a paycut doing the same shit?
how to make a little extra money?
  train fer Tecla!  apple store? train fer Bill?
Extra money?
  what’s my equiv to Dana’s Sunday night waitressing?
  applies writing skills?
    applies IT skills?
    tutoring skills a la Braddock?  run a porn site, Moto forum?  write a MotoPoeto app
    –match Dana’s $100 Sunday night?
    –design clothing, redesign linen shirts a la western wear shirts.  Braddock, Ma how would you change the shirts to not look shitty?
team I rivals.
* watch The Iron Lady
    Lennon McCartney,
    lieutenant v captain
    theoret v applied physicist
contention in ones cabinet?
bush’ v condoleeza rice?

a professor doesn’t want to be challenged in the auditorium

provide to protege:
    “list of what you won’t learn from me”.
topic to protégés: 
    how one constructs one cabinet

ipod for the pool

would live in Moab Utah

my charisma; ability to build people, that’s why they stay involved, come to see me at shockTrauma, The Major, past-lives people;
happily I think perhaps I really am like Wayne Coyne, that I, too, wave that magic around, spread the Pixie Dust, make people feel bigger, better, more

the dark-skinned american v-shape stallone-ito to the young 11yo Girl From Kent. the wildly charismatic 14yo. Mark, little nerd geek; Brett not really sure, but had entered the box by then; then there was me.
you and me the artists
you all focused on your music and your drumming and your poetry; 
taught me how to toast a marshmallow in the Marilou, Eddie Ettore Perry’s backyard;

what if I were just cool at work? 
what if I just walked around and looked good, talked all day, did a little bit of engineering here, there, but mostly, mostly was cool, fun, made people feel biggerBetterMore?

at your best charisma etc when medium to medium high, you know, like a steak.
this time last year all about back to the bike, so false, not you, way above medium high, medium rare,
then the summer camp; the week-away, the on-holiday

those who must be right; bullies, diminishers, the hind-brain bully, the unconscious turning-around so its your fault, the blame in Spain; the sign with the village name and no arrow;

us artists who don’t even know there’s a box
mark, Brett, Box-People