Dear john letter // jh


  1. You are a woman-in-full.  Since we met 10 years ago, I’ve always liked and respected you.  Since we started this summer, acting on our then-unknown, mutual crushes, all the more.
  2. You are fantastically loving and caring.
  3. You are so smart and effective.  I wish I had half the communication skills that you do.  I loved hearing your work conversations.  You are powerful and strong.  Anyone who takes exception is weak or intimidated.  Their lack of appreciation is their loss.
  4. You are a fantastic lover.
  5. You are courageous and  strong.
  6. You’re in a lot of pain right now.  It won’t last.  It will not last.  One day you will no longer be casting pearls before swine.
  7. You are so much fun.

Your Family ( i hope i’m not overstepping)

  1. I hope that you are kind to yourself about Lauren and especially Michael.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up about the military academy, or other aspects of how you raised Michael.  We all do our best.  No matter what, he will always know his mother loves him.
  3. Lauren’s on her way, she’ll struggle, always and those around her — but she’ll always love her mother and she’ll find herself a good partner.
  4. You give your mother a fine gift every single day.  You are patient and loving, even when you don’t feel that way — and that’s the real gift, when it’s hard to give.


  1. I shall see you in December in NYC on that bench.  I put it on my calendar.
  2. Please keep the Tiffany’s necklace.  I hope it will mark a special time and place in our lives.  No matter all the other winds, our time together has been really special, really sweet.  I’d like to keep the earrings you gave me for the same reasons.
  3. We found ourselves in a place where we brought out the best, sweetest and softest in each other–what a gift to me to learn it just took the right person to bring it out in me.
  4. You were so kind and supportive and understanding with me — I hope you’ll recognize just how much.