Rick, Zup and The Captain discuss Ethiopio, Benito n Franco

(Over whiskey at Djibo bar after night on the tiles w Colonel Tamburini’s Ethio expat girls)

          “Rick eez no surprise.  Remember Africa starts at the Pyrenees.  Those Spaniard Africanista fucks are just Moors, Berber cannibals.  They stumble agave-addled down the Atlas Mountains looking for souls.   
          But they’re all little boys with a bottle.  In Cap Juby, I outdrank every one of those fucks and still ran my flights for Aeropostale, and one here and there for pocket money & pussy.
That walking-sphincter Franco the worst of those Catholic perverts — he’s a bad one.  That pipsqueak will start a war.  Just watch.  Small-man complex.  You know the type. Short little fucks w weak chins and tits all their own.
          And when they can’t fuck, and they can’t fight, they go to town with the sheep.”
          “And that bastard Benito.  Another cannibal.  All cannoli, no cojones.  He’d gas The Holy Virgin for a blue-eyed piece of ass.”

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