TIMOTEO seals the Nationalists in the mineshaft, v1

During the 1932 Miners’ Uprising in  Asturías, the miners established a network of mines caves. It’s a claustrophobic labyrinth in there. The African cur, Alcotán, is the only one comfortable, who can see worth a damn. Timoteo knows all the routes connections, hiding places, caches of explosives and weapons shortcuts.  

After drawing the Nationalists into the abandoned shaft. Timoteo wires up a sharp turn in the shaft, blows it in place, trapping the Nationalist commander and his platoon.  Rick expresses his concern at the prolonged deaths the Nationalist soldiers will face.  Timoteo remains resolute.    


“My friend this is how one must play this game. And this is how you learn my rules.”


“My friend this is the new mercy … from the new Spanish god.”


“My friend this is the new mercy … from the new god …  the one that hovers over Spain, hungry.”


“My friend this is the new mercy … from the new god …  that hovers over Spain … el tiene mucho hambre.”


“My friend this is the new mercy … el dios nuevo … el que vuela sobre nuestro pais … lo cual tiene mucho hambre.”


“Mi amigo, esta es la misericordia, es la clemencia, es la bendición … de el dios jovén … el que vuela al ciélo d’Espagna … lo cual tiene mucho hambre … lo cual esta tan hambriento”


“No food no water.  Jeeez, how long will it take?”


“No hace nada.  Remember in Spain, waiting is its own death, amigo.”


“En nuestro pais, por esperar esta morir.”


“Jesus, I’m sick of you Spaniards and your holier-than-thou poetry.  Poetry makes anything acceptable.  Just admit you’re a bunch of sadistic bastards.  Leave these Nationalists to drink each others’ blood … you shipwreck of a country.”


“Recall your lessons, my prince.  Africa starts at these Pyrenees.  This continent knows its cannibals.  She knows the jackals the first to die.  Mira …”

TIMOTEO points to scar on his throat, those on his wrists.

[ this statement like when Clint Eastwood as The Outlaw Josey Wales says

‘you gotta get plumb mad dog mean’.

http://youtu.be/yid-CW-O9Qw. ]    


“Now you must decide if you can play by my rules.”

Looks dead at RICK. Tosses his cigarette butt on the dirt. Grinds it out with his miner’s boot  Turns.  Walks away.  RICK stands still, thinking.  Steps out, following TIMOTEO  

CAMERA SHOT. From the back, as the two walk away.


“Carmén cooks pork tonight.”

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