Forget your father 

  Not sure what your recent increased interest in comms & visit is about.    Last convo your remarks about child support evasion sugg’d to me the hole i’m in w you is deeper than I’d guessed.   

We don’t get along. Always on edge of a fight. Little in common. We are bio-wired to love each other but mostly we don’t behave well.  

   I’m not seeing much payoff for either of us trying. You and I are really close to being as different as your mother and I.  

   You have a complete and loving family. Ray’s your IRL dad. Nancy is your grandmother. Lou is your cheating bastard of a grandfather. Brett is your favorite special uncle. 

   I’m your bio-Dad. I chose to be not optimistic about future goodness coming from you & me. 

 Your relationships & plans w my family members have nothing to do with me.    

   Nonetheless, I am glad that you have a rshp with Leesburg Brett & his family; that you visit them; that you and brother Brett fence off time to drink & talk late into the Saturday nights. 

   Since my family Thanksgivings in Western Maryland, you toddler, my family know that I’ve always encouraged time & relationships independent of me. Quite happy for those to deepen.  

   Chinese zen: how long does it take to wear away a mountain with a silk scarf that blows across its top once every thousand years? Therapy & life’s tempering experiences can only work so fast. Your anger will outlive me. There is no future. 

   Talk amongst yourself. Go on about your business. Forget your father. He attempts the same.