Oh, sure, bio-dad. — Lucius, the well is deeper than I knew

Ma Never-send letter thoughts I put together. Even now the little girl causes stress Jaybird

Not sure what your calls to your grandmother Pat are about. Nor is she; even well-armed like her CIA father, w a built-in phony-detector, your motives appear unclear.

Your grandmother Pat wonders, too:

“Why, after the never-call, these 5 years in your Illinois wilderness?

Last summer you said out loud:

“Soon you won’t have to cheat on child support anymore.”

I said not out loud:

“How deep you want this hole, boss?”

Your doctor-with-a-little-d Klingon said:

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.“

I said to someone I know:

“The well is deeper than I knew.”