Oh, sure, bio-dad. — The we-don’t-get-along story

Oh, sure, bio-dad.  — The we-don’t-get-along story

We don’t get along. Always on edge of a fight. Little in common. We are bio-wired to love each other but mostly we don’t behave well.

I’m not seeing payoff for either of us trying, the reward for the risk, the rotten.

You and I are really close to being as different as your mother and I.

You have a complete and loving family. Ray’s your IRL dad. Nancy is your grandmother. Lou is the cheating bastard of a grandfather every family needs. Brett is your favorite, special uncle-confidante.

And then there’s me.

Sure, I’m your bio-Dad — and yet I choose to be not optimistic about feel-good coming from you & me all friends-y.

I choose other challenges.