She wasn’t trainspotting?

P, thanks for answering the questions.

Sorry that you’re dealing w this full-time w zero support, in Covid-fucking time. Misery

On the Fambly Zoom we heard “withdrawal” …

Was “withdrawal” actually a panic attack?

“naturally annoyed Mom”? Anything not her way annoys control-oriented Ma. And that was before she got hooked on smack.

This came across totally-differently on the Fambly Zoom. She wasn’t writhing on the floor vomiting all trainspotting-ly?

Is that 4-day Fentanyl patch what made the plan “too aggressive?”

4 days v 3 days on Fentanyl patch doesn’t sound so crazy to me … when I’ve been on Oxy, you’ve seen that I always waited for the sweats & the pain to come back before taking the next one.

If the quality of info-sharing with us is the same as with the doctors, then how can the doctors possibly make good choices, plans?

Consistently we learn of information not shared, not shared fully, clearly, timely. Then the doctor gets blamed.

“Poor historian”.

“Unrealiable narrator”

It’s a thing. They teach it in med skool. Look it up.

Little dictator, maybe the Pain Managemt Doc is one.
So is Ma. She’s a bully. She’s bullying you. Even moreso is addicted-Ma hooked on opioids and you’re bearing the brunt. Then the doctors get blamed and you get beaten.

Perhaps the Pain Med doctor lacks a nice bedside manner.
Perhaps she’s seen what addiction looks like?
Could there be a method to the Hopkins’ doctor’s madness?
Who says one has/gets to like one’s doctor?

So we, “they”, fired the Hopkins doctor who specializes in Pain Management? Now Dr H, oncologist, is in charge?

Sounds like most of the “they” doctors are just signing the scripts w no effective adult-supervision by our out-classed friend ex-Hopkins Doctor M, or by anyone else.
How does this opioids regime then mesh with the need for post-op painkillers after hip replacement?

Maybe short of Amy-Winehouse-y, in-patient rehab/detox, the Pain Med Doctor’s plan is exactly what Ma needs?

Help me understand the look & feel of last weekend’s panic atttack

Things like “losing instructions” shouldn’t happen.

Get a vaccinated home health aide, you deserve & need help

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