Rumors of health are as gusty

I think that efforts to shape an agenda are a fine start. I smell a threat to its fruition.

On any given day or hour with any given combination of parents, I can rely on different answers and/or accounts of things at Boones. I’ve logged scads of examples.

Given the of info and its sharing, I do think that any agenda will be undermined by unreliable narrations.

Speaking for myself, contradictory info & asymmetric sharing of it have utterly undermined credibility in reports that I hear. For example when I hear that her opioids are


my first reaction after 7 months of misinformation, is

“Uh, compared to what?”

and then I remember

“Oh, I forgot, I have no frame of reference for this latest information “

To me the reports are predictably as bipolar and gusty as some of us.

To build an agenda let alone a plan on this shakey sand is only one part of why this starts to smell to me like a fools’ errand.


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