Inscrutable, shakes-head

Same river, many wells …

Decades ago, AK shocked me with:

“Everyone grows up in a different family.”

Our lives as dogs:

For example, my relationship w Sophie-Dog looks nothing like hers w Ma.

Back when P and I adopted Charlie-Dog, I hoped that we would agree on how to train him. Didn’t happen.

Charlie-Dog, like Sophie-Dog, sized each of us up and customized his comportments.

Charlie-Dog showed me that I could/would have my own relationship, training, behavior, expectations w him. He could be/do whatever he wanted w anyone else. It was like this secret little communications culvert pissed in just by me and him, our own little toothpaste tube of context. No one else need apply or comply

Bonus: then I wasn’t the control-freak telling every infant how to hold his spoon … yay!


B, you’re the most potential puppet-master among us;

M, however, retains the title;

Root-cause analysis (RCA): that’s what’s gonna be the suffering, and death, of her.

Who would’ve believed that Latina Fina & Teuton Grandpa J would prove more compliant en route their exit ramps? Didn’t see that one coming …

The dogs didn’t pretend

Us on the other hand …

proven that we can’t even text ack




relationships w M & P are their own centipedes;

nothing to do one w the other. We’re each of us choosing on whose dog-food we’re gonna choke

Natural order of things, I suppose. Different families

Talk amongst yourselves

See ya at her funeral

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