She aborted, I yielded

Imperative Summer with Sadie, College Park, Maryland, 1998
Dance with dog sisters in the sky,
Fireflies and flickering stars,
You and I.
Large capacities,
Are to wreak, wreck,
Rulers benign, stars and not bargain.
Spin your curs black and white and topless in the river,
Break open comet ripe and interrupt star cool-water seeking.
In eddies of weeds are suck mulberries of birth, near-death;
Taste children, witness blooms unfolding,
Virgin daughter mine, fleeting son yours.
You in sundress, salt in suck and sow,
Be bull full lacking tether,
On boy’s bike you rise to the night
Where comet, firefly mix alight.
Glide you in the fell of water,
Gather boys you in your narrow boys shirts,
Sweep legs, arms and rise in wind to all occasion.
In burdock you
Hock holly to ferns, be
Immanent in peat hot
So indian boys at full runs seek.
You unfit for vessels,
Demand, you,
Air and diffusion and massive inspirations,
And semination over wide tracts.
Go, you, color a flower roadside,
Go, you lift one to see itself,
Pass powerlines, pass scars,
Go heal another midst your own fragmentation.
Dog at side, cur at birch your waist,
Teach meadow unfold in all direction,
Find horizon imperative peregrine.

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