jack, dog, dust

if only i knew that table rock that saddle gap i would lie me there until i too, turn to air … More

army word otro

grenade sumpcateyesstack & swivelsucking chest woundheat roundball ammohigh n tightflowbietits-upsucking hind titall assholes & elbowsbloused bootsranger tabdrophealth & welfare inspectionlowcrawlbeat … More

Maybe get off a shot

poof-poof-poof o them amphetamine chinks  them eyes a-wide all speed-addled pad-pad-pad down the riverbed rot night-blind and ammo-saddled  with rice … More

Combat multipliers

there is the headspace there is the timing the pursue the fear in every place: “ soldier ,  multiple calibres  are  combat … More

Her red peppers

she cook up a big dinner so i hears, her red peppers dun shriveled on the roof  they lights up … More

Combat multipliers

pursues fear everywhere, all around, all over except in the headspace & timing: multiple calibres measure combat multipliers we have … More

Erik, they are fast

the spurring, the cropping, the cursing, the neck-wrenching the barnfire screams from soft muzzles with big teeth on orange carrots … More

Chattering like magpies

Chattering like magpiesWorking for our supperMeeting renowned thinkersReading of Stalin and Turks and Ottomans withCassowary’s disemboweling the unawareAnd lieutenants in … More

Market bombed

Any anonIn anywhere marketFlour is sold and traders bickerDoctors they run for shelter.

Sergeant says

sergeant says“i am the light fading out … your nation needs you” oh former ranger so good at yer joband … More